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Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Drama with Drama

How evil can you possibly be? I thought that teachers and shy girls were supposed to be nice! Well, I was wrong. You see, it all started tuesday durring drama.........................

So it started out like any old drama class but then the drama teacher (lets call her Mrs. Smith) Mrs. Smith decided that she wanted us to do group plays. I was excited because i liked group plays. The four stories were Crysanthemum, the mermaids cape, the enchanted flounder, and babuskas big boast. Which one would you have honestly chose? Well, i chose Crysanthemum. so did 8 other people. so when we first met as a group everyone new what part they wanted but (lets call her laura) laura + ricky. So everyone calls parts and the only ones left are rita (one of the girls that makes fun of Crysanthemum that can be replaced as a boy) and the mother. Now Ricky may be a total shman (she-man) but hes still a guy and no self respecting guy wants to play a mother. But laura chose to be rita before ricky could even say anything. so the next class, we tell laura that she has to be the mom and ricky has to be rita changed into ricky. but NO!!! laura doesnt understand that. so were all like well why dont you be the sister instead of the mom. so she said yes. but the next day she came to class and went i dont wana be the sister i want to be rita. so by now even im getting sick of it. so the drama teacher comes over and we tell her the problem. (conveniantly, kaitlin who plays jo (a role just like rita) is absent and so is ricky) so the drama teachers all 'well im sure kaitlin wouldent mind being the mom even though we alrealdy asked everybody if they wanted to be the mother. so then we tell kaitlin and she gets all mad (but shes shy so she dosent explode like i would have) so the next day we talk to the drama teacher and shes all well work it out as a class. so thursday is the day we practice present and so the drama teacher goes in front of everybody and says the Chrysanthimum group has a problem and she makes one of the girls in the group tell everyone the problem (with out using names and parts). (mind you this entire time weve been trying to figure out this stupid issue with laura so weve barley gone over the script twice.) so the drama teacher makes us go FIRST!!! (by the way, the drama teacher eventualy made laura be the mom in the play cause no one else would) so we go through the first scene and well quite frankly we sucked. and then it was one of those creative critisisum times so she went did anyone like any thing about this group? AND NO ONE RAISED THERE HAND!!! NO ONE!! so then shes like what didnt you like about this group and they spent half class talking bout how bad we all did but half of that talking about how bad I did. i am not even exaderating at all. NOT ONE LITTLE BIT!!!!! So then its friday and weeve just watch the other plays go and at the end of class one of lauras friends come up to us and say: Well if lauren has to play the mom, she going to use no expression. so we were all like on monday were gunna ask the teacher if we get group grades or solo grades cause if we get solo grades lauras gonna FAIL!! and if we get group grades, were gunna tell the teacher what shes threatinging to do and shes also gonna FAIL!!!!!! HA, HA!

Way weird thing is Laura was on my softball team and she was always nice but a little lazy. so this was tottaly out of the blue. Weird hunh?


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