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Friday, November 17, 2006

Asking someone out...

The last two days has been well- TRAMATIC! Why becuase my friend convinced me that she should ask my crush out for me. WEll it didnt turn out well. You see she made this whole complicated way of doing it that i insisted on as well. Here is the recipie for disaster:
-Get friend to ask him if he likes anyone
-He says someone from a different school
-Ask him if he would go out with someone in his class
-He says not untill he knows name
-Friend gives 5 names and asks if he will go out with any of them
-He says no, i need a name
-He bugs friends TO DEATH
-He threatens to say no if he dosent know by the end of the day
-Give permission for friend to tell him
-Other friend accedentaly slips it out right in front of him
-I find out when im not even there and have a heart atack
-Try to ignore him all day- too embaressed!
-Find out in Spanish he said N-O.

But... im okay with it. Why? becuase i didnt expect anything more then that. Sure i hoped for more but sometimes you get rejected and then sometimes you dont you cant hinder the people that helped you more. But what ive learned from this exprireance-Im not asking a guy out again for a long while!


Blogger Z. Madison said...

Chin up, Abby. This same thing happened to me a bunch of times throughout middle and high school. (to many of the girls and guys I was friends with too) Then college and "real life" hit and it's a whole new ball game. You'll see... :)

9:36 AM  

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