Abbie's World

Monday, October 23, 2006

Art and Guys dont mix!

So after Drama we have a different allied art. Now its well... art! The guy i like (well used to like) is in my art class so i was praying i would sit at his table. And well as the saying goes "be careful what u wish for it might just come true!" well it came true and i was so happy! So he sits next to me and all the sudden he starts throwing erasers at the guy that sits behind me. And if it isnt obvious enough, half of them either hit me in the head or in the neck and some even got stuck in my hair! Well let me tell you I was dying for that class to be over... but I'd still have to face it tommarow! So over the next few days he eventualy stops when the art teacher threatens to send 3 kids at another table to the office for throwing eraser shavings. And the worst part is every day he sings. Yeah, EVERYDAY! Its never the same song friday it was "penut, penut butter and JELLY" (jelly was really high) and he thinks his sketch is so cool but it so isnt! Oh well!

Friday, October 13, 2006

The 2 Wicked Witches of the West...

Dun Dun Dun... The wicked witch of drama strikes again! But this time her brother is back from the dead... Today in Drama the dramma teacher went way over board! She started telling everyone that no one was working together and that stage time didnt matter and that the other classes got there plays done in only one day while our class got them done in 2. So then she says some other stuff like well you guess talk when im talking and dont listen and good luck to the other alied arts teachers and being a total (as my friend put it) "Wak on Crack" (I luv that!) Any way... at least todays the last day of drama!
But now she has returned with an evil brother destined to torcher the sopronos 3 days a week. Who is this creature of doom? The choras teacher! Mr. C is tottaly out of control! He always says the Altos have great sound but our sound is drowning their sound out. I mean you can barely hear them! it just horrable! Of course the altos in the first 3 rows are singing... but thats it! And then he tells us were not breathing and makes us stand up and down about half the class. And might i mention we know about 3 lines of each song because hes so particular! My choras teahcer last year would have died for how much sound were making. Hes spoiled i tell you oh well!

Student Council

Hi! So recently we had student voice elections. Thats student council in our school. I was elected with another girl in my class. Im soooo happy because i didnt want to break my chain record (ex: 4th, 5th, 6th grade student council). But we went to a meeting on wednesday and it sounds really fun! The people running it are Mr. P and Ms. R. Some things were gonna do are run a school store, run a carnation sale at valentines day and a talent show at the end of the year! But the best part is... the whole student council gets to go on a trip at the end of the school year and its SIX FLAGS! Im so happy... but... on the other hand my three friends that ran didnt get on student voice. :-(

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Follow up on Drama

So... drama isnt that bad anymore... we had to do dress rehersals and our group was the slowest im sure that made it pretty funny... what stunk was i have 2 change costumes 3 times so you ban see my other costumes that are longer then the one before plus... i have no time 2 change wich stinks cause as the narrarator was talking i was getting my first costume over my other 2 and trust me... its not fun. anyway durring dress reghersal... the guy that plays the father in my group tottaly messed up his line even though w told him 5,000 times the right way, he never listens. He said disconected instead of discontented. turns out were getting a group grade and solo grade. oh well!